Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pro 9.9

Proverbs 9.9
Give instruction to a wise man and he will still be wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.

How I respond to instruction reveals a lot about my heart. A humble person can learn from anybody. I have often found myself in situations where i shut my heart off from receiving from somebody because I don't like them or what they believe. I have seen this displayed a lot in my life through Bible teachings. Honestly if I don't like a teacher or the way he or she teaches, i decide in my heart unconsciously that i won't learn anything from their teachings. This is foolishness and selfish pride. This is placing value in the teacher rather than the Holy Spirit who is our Teacher. When I know that it is the Holy Spirit who is our True Teacher, I have an open and hungry heart to learn from Him.

God's heart for us is have a humble and lowly spirit, to have a heart that values others over ourself. When we choose who we will learn form we limit God's work in our heart. This verse and many others throughout the whole Bible convict me of my heart of pride and call me deeper into a state of hunger to learn and grow from God and the people He places in my life.

Application: Today I am especially praying for my 10 days at home and that God will give me a humble heart that is eager to learn and gain wisdom from other while I am home.

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