Monday, August 22, 2016

Matthew 8.20

//And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.//
Matthew 8:20

Imagine a Body of Christ that is so set apart from the world that it causes those in the world to stop and wonder at the power of God in mere men & women. That will happen when we live abandoned to the things of the world. Through His Spirit we can live in such a way that causes others to stop and ask why, then by the power of the Love of Christ and the Holy Spirit, He will win them in with His loving-kindness. It takes radical living for that to happen. It takes abandoning our rights and being completely surrendered. I believe that if we as the Church lived recklessly abandoned to the things of this world, the Gospel of Jesus would spread like wildfire. The world doesn’t want safe Christianity, they are dying to see something real and radical. Satan comes in with lies that people want to see a faith that is easy and doesn’t require sacrifice. That is a false gospel and those are truly are lies from the pit of hell.

Jesus is calling us to depend on only Him and not put our stock in this world. If your eyes are on the things of this world, living for His kingdom will feel like a sacrifice, but if your eyes are on Jesus Christ, it will be a gift. When a man or woman has a contented heart, the less they have equals to a greater gift. Having little to hold onto in this life equals a tighter grip on Jesus Christ and His kingdom. There is a eternal kingdom of God to be built and we are over here caring about what we will eat, drink and wear. Jesus wants disciples that are so sold out for Him that they aren’t moved by the things of the world. We’re called to walk by faith and not by sight yet the story of so many of our lives is that we walk by sight and not by faith. Walking by faith may look like not having anywhere to lay your head. Are we willing to be empty of possessions to be spiritually overflowing?

Father I pray for this courage. I pray for the courage to abandon everything in this world for You, my greatest reward. May I throw away every distraction and weight that entangles me and give it all away for the sake of knowing You. I’m laying it down at Your feet. You’re worth it all. I’m feeble and weak, but Your strength is made perfect in weakness. I love You Jesus.

Tonight when we pray as a room, I will pray for the grace from the Holy Spirit to live abandoned for His kingdom and to have a contented heart in Him.

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  1. Live and love radically dear sis. Let the consuming fire enrapture and envelope your heart in His love and passion as you are poured out and bear fruit for His name. He is faithful in daily sanctifying and transforming us into this image we see here in the boldness to love as He does.