Monday, July 10, 2017


I've been wanting to write lately but every time words seem to be in short supply. I've been wanting to testify of what God has been teaching me, but I have had a difficult time tracing each lesson and finding the beauty in the ashes. 

While words are in short supply, His grace isn't. While strength is failing, His grace is sufficient, while vision is unclear, His love is always painted clearly in the sacrifice of Jesus.

 //You have led in your steadfast love the people whom you have redeemed; you have guided them by your strength to your holy abode.//
Exodus 15:13

This verse beautifully paints what my God has been doing for me in this season. 

He is leading me. His steadfast love is a banner over me. I am redeemed, not by feeling or because of any effort I put forth, but by His marvelous grace. He is guiding me, in paths I never would have guessed. As He takes me on these less traveled paths, He holds my weak hand and strengthens my heart. I continually tell Him how weak and weary I am, He listens and pours out His strength on me. He is bringing me into greater glory, into His holy abode. It's not the road that I would have paved, but it is in His perfect plan to bring Him perfect glory. He never stops, He never changes, He is perfectly consistent in His character. My God is the same yesterday, today and forever. And while there are so many unknowns, I rest in the known grace that He has freely given. And that is enough.