Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pro 19.23

Pro 19:23  The fear of the LORD leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm.

I'm letting go of my idol of satisfaction.

The idol that tells me that I will be 100% satisfied on this earth. The idol that screams that I will find this satisfaction in the perfect ministry, body, relationship, children and life. I'm giving it up because I will never find this! This yearning in my heart is a yearning for heaven. It is a yearning to be perfectly glorified and to be in God's perfect and holy presence.

I will be satisfied in Jesus continually everyday until I am perfectly satisfied with Him in perfect eternity. That is the only place where I will live in perfect communion and satisfaction. Until then I can fully worship Him by enjoying the blessings that He gives me, but I am sick of the race and war that I put myself in trying to find the perfect formula for satisfaction. There is no worship experience or encounter with God that will satisfy me completely until I see Him in eternity. In the Psalms David prays "Satisfy me in the morning with your likeness.". Jesus satisfies. He does. I believe that the satisfaction and joy He brings is supernatural. But I'm learning that it is continual. I will never get a dose of Him and be satisfied for life. My flesh is strong and looks for comfort and satisfaction apart from in Christ. But the Spirit is so willing and gracious to continually pull us back to the truth of Christ and His victorious life that He imparts upon His people. My heart is so needy, but every need is filled in the rivers of His grace. If I got satisfied from every craving and desire the moment I become born again, I would not have a strong drive to to receive from Him all that He has to pour out. He knows my nature and created me uniquely and intricately so He could continually satisfy me. That is grace.

We were created as very dependent and needy people. And our Creator knew exactly what would satisfy the depths of our need. Every need is satisfied in His likeness. I love that this verse uses the words "rests satisfied" and that is exactly what a life of a daughter of God looks like. It looks like the end to striving and the end to trying so dang hard. It looks like being rested in who He is and knowing, truly knowing that our life isn't for our glory but for His. That truth brings so much freedom.

I am set free and I am satisfied in Him. And tomorrow, when I awake with desires and need, He will satisfy. And the next day. And the next day... Into eternity.

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