Saturday, October 8, 2016

Romans 12.6

//Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them; if prophecy, in proportion to our faith.//
Romans 12:6

Let us use them. Perhaps the most tragic testimony of our life would be a testimony of a life that didn’t use what God had given them. Spiritual gifts are from God and are measures from His grace. Do you know what it feels like when you take time to pick out a special gift for someone you love and then they don’t like, use, or even want it? I do and it’s heartbreaking as a gift giver. This is just a tiny glimpse of how God feels when we don’t want, use or appreciate the gifts that He gives us. When a person does this, the gift is wasted. The exact same thing happens when we do this with spiritual gifts, except they have eternal impact.

We’ve been given gifts that impact eternity. Let me repeat that...WE’VE BEEN GIVEN GIFTS THAT IMPACT ETERNITY. An eternal God that has sealed our hearts into eternity desires to use us on earth to build up the church and bring others into the gates of heaven.He does this through the giftings that He not only gives us, but that He also empowers us to use. So let us use them. Let us give everything back to the One who gave us his everything.

Oh Father, you are beautiful. You have majestically created and gifted me for Your good pleasure. Jesus take me deeper into Your love. Awake the giftings that You’ve given me. Strengthen me to use them. Breathe Your Spirit on me. Let it be according to Your will. Amen

Application: Today I am seeking an opportunity from the Lord to use my gift of encouragement in a brother or sister here.

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