Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Psalm 46:7

The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. Selah”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭46: 7‬

Back in the Spring, I wrote this in my Bible next to the first usage of the name of God 'Lord of hosts' . I had no idea what the Lord would do with it or how it would be a promise for what would come in the next year.

"He is my ever present Defender, who sees, loves and moves mountains on my behalf. He fights my battles, wins my wars and is the refuge I run to in times of need. There is nothing He cannot do, nothing He does not know, nothing He cannot control, no enemy He cannot defeat, no heart He cannot heal, no mouth He can't shut, no miracle He cannot perform. How beautiful to know that He longs to work on my behalf as my Lord of Hosts."

Before I came to IGNITE I strongly felt the Lord telling me that in this season, I was going to know Him as my Lord of hosts. I was very excited to hear from Him in such a specific way and rushed to study the meaning behind His name 'Lord of hosts'. As I started reading in Scripture, I was surprised and started questioning if I did in fact hear from the Lord. Lord of Hosts. His great power. Almighty, Sovereign, Self- Existent One, God over multitudes. I kept reading. War. Hardships. Battles. Waiting upon. Wait, Lord...this is not what I wanted.

From H1961; (the) self Existent or eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: - Jehovah, the Lord.

‎צְבָאָה    צָבָא
tsâbâ'    tsebâ'âh
tsaw-baw', tseb-aw-aw'
a mass of persons (or figurative things), especially regularly organized for war (an army); by implication a campaign, literally or figuratively (specifically hardship, worship): - appointed time, (+) army, (+) battle, company, host, service, soldiers, waiting upon, war (-fare).

These words were not the words I wanted to define the next season of my life.You see, I had just come out of a season of trial and was begging the Lord that He would bring me into a season of comfort and blessing. What I didn't know was that God would use the circumstances to give me His comfort and the trails He would use to open my eyes to His blessings. I wanted ease, but He wanted me to experience the rest of abiding in Him whilst war rages around me. Of course I wanted a God who would fight my battles, but at that moment, I would just rather have no battles to fight. Of course I want to worship a God who is self existent and can move mountains, but I didn't want to have a mountain that needed moving. My faint faithless heart yearned for earthly comfort and understanding of my own rather than to be left in the midst of battles and mountains.I was very wrong to think that I would be left in the midst of battles and troubles. I had forgotten that He never leaves us in the midst of battles and mountains. For not only does He fight my battles, He is in the midst of me.

“God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns."
Psalms 46:5

The Lord of hosts. What a beautiful name and beautiful promise.

“Who is this King of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty in battle!
Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory! Selah”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭24:8, 10‬ ‭

Kay Arthur wrote "This name belongs to a certain stage in the experience of a child of God. It is God's name for mans extremity. Not until we, as God's chosen people, find ourselves failing and powerless do we find the need to run to our Jehovah-sabaoth (Lord of hosts). This is a name for those who, in the midst of struggle, find their resources inadequate. It is not a name for those who have ceased to fight. This is our name to run to when, from our perspective, there is no other help."

Fast forward from the Spring when God fist spoke me me about this and now. Up until this point I hadn't given it too much thought. I was still rejecting the thought of trials and battles, but as different circumstances came in my life, I found myself surrounded by battles and mountains that needed moving. Obstacles came on the scene and I couldn't see over them. Sorrows and situations that were completely out of my control seemed to surround me. Every day I have and continue to find perfect strength and power in Him. He is proving Himself to be my all powerful God who sees, loves and moves mountains on my behalf. He is fighting my battles, winning my wars and IS the refuge I run to in times of need. It is beautiful to KNOW that He longs to work on my behalf as MY Lord of hosts.

I came to Cambodia in October and was quickly introduced to the church that we partner with's worship album. I loved every one of their songs but one that especially ministered to was called 'Lord of Hosts". You think it would be because it reminded me of the promise that God had given me about this very thing, But no, it wasn't. I had listened and worshiped to the song probably over a 100 times and I never made the connection about what the Lord spoke to me months ago. All I knew was that my heart and soul was so drawn and connected with these words and truth. It wasn't until this last Monday that I was sitting on my bed, worshipping and praying to God about some hard news that I had heard from loved ones. I was processing and giving it over to the only One who can do anything about these situations. 'Lord of Hosts' came through my headphones and in an instant He unveiled my eyes and reminded me about the promise that He gave me, and how He is fulfilling every word. I was so overwhelmed at how personal and thoughtful He is. He surely doesn't leave us to fight our own battles and wage our own wars. He is the Lord of hosts and He is faithful for every word He speaks.

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.”
‭‭II Timothy‬ ‭2:13‬ ‭

//God is our shield and strength. He is our fortress in times of trouble. So let the oceans roar, and let the mountains shake and tremble.

The Lord of Hosts is here. Our mighty King is now among us. We will never fear, when the Lord is near.

Know now that He is God, be still and see His hand now working. Nothing can stop His plans. He will be honored by every nation.

The Lord of Hosts is here. Our mighty King is now among us. We will never fear, when the Lord is near.

So be strong. Stand your ground. He is here. Now be brave, heart of faith, lose your fear. //

"Lord of Hosts" by Life Band

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” ‭‭Joshua‬ ‭1:9‬ ‭

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